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Heard Instinct

22 April 2011

Glass Vaults - Forget Me Not (Bon Accord Remix)

Unearthing yet another great track whose release I missed out on (this one thanks to Jukboxr’s Record Store Day EP)

I try to keep my love for Glass Vaults on the DL but the New Zealand duo make some of the most lush tunes—sometimes I can’t contain my excitement.

Their Glass EP (available for free/name your price) was released last year and remains my absolute favorite.. I can leave those five tracks on repeat hours on end and they never get old. This remix of one of Glass Vaults’ more somber tracks comes from London based musician, and fellow Jukboxr artist, Bon Accord. Taking those loaded beats and hauntingly beautiful vocals of the original, Bon Accord steps in to give it some pep.

Along with this remix.. Jukboxr Record Store Day EP also has “Soldiers,” a track from Syndey’s aBillion, and a Glass Vaults remix of Bon Accord’s “Empty Club.” You MUST grab this.

Download the Jukboxr Record Store Day EP for free via Mediafire.

Glass Vaults: bandcamp| last.fm| myspace|

Bon Accord: bandcamp| last.fm| myspace|

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