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3 May 2011

Vehicle Blues - Mountain Girls (off of Trudgers/Vehicle Blues split C32)

I might be listening to the sweetest split I’ve come across in a while. California based Trudgers and Illinois’ Vehicle Blues have teamed up to give you 30 minutes worth of wonderfully noisy sounds on their split C32 released on Brent Mitzner’s (of Trudgers) Hi Shadow Records and will soon be released through Gabe Holcombe’s (Vehicle Blues) own Lillerne Tapes as well.

Chicago based Vehicle Blues’ contribution is noise pop at its finest. “Your Pile” is an earworm dipped in fuzz with lofty melodies and “Mountain Girls” follows suit retaining some of the same qualities, but with trance appeal. Vehicle Blues puts his own spin on a wonderful cover of East River Pipe’s easy going pop on “Sleeping With Tallboy” (B side on “Bring On The Loser" 7” [Merge, 1995] by covering it up in a bit of noise. Closing Holcombe’s side, “Miracle Blues,” is a mesh of sound that should be overwhelming with its strict layered guitars and general noise, but manages to play off as a lovely meandering soundscape instead.

California four piece Trudgers craft some lush trance vibes on this split. “Softly, Gracefully” teeters on the eight minute mark with some excellent serene vocals and percussion playing softly at a steady rhythm. For its length, I was surprised “Softly, Gracefully” failed to drag and turned out to be a wonderful listen. “Dead Geranium” picks up the pace, a very sharp piece with some dreary -in the best of ways- vocals. I didn’t see “Sing When You Sleep” coming after listening to the previous two; a sprawling track you’ll sink into with ease. You need to hear this.

Both Trudgers and Vehicle Blues’ contributions complement each other very well.. too often splits lack a coherent tie and it’s wonderful to see this isn’t the case here. 

Grab this split (via Hi Shadow Records) now!  

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