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Heard Instinct

2 June 2011

Bon Accord - Glazed

Mike, also known as Bon Accord, just sent over his latest EP, True Delusion: four tracks of upbeat sounds from the London based musician. Following the release of his debut EP “Honeydew,” Mike’s been on a roll remixing the likes of Glass Vaults and Pandit, releasing his Dayliner 12" on JUKBOXR, and now he’s back with more. True Delusion stays true to Bon Accord form managing to mix some calming melodies and cheery beat laden atmosphere. Pleasant tracks that make you want to move, and others that beg for you to sit and listen (“Take Comfort” , “Late“).

Yet another set of excellent songs from Bon Accord. 

Grab Bon Accord’s True Delusion EP via bandcamp for free

And if you haven’t listened to his remix of Glass Vaults’ “Forget Me Not”—get on that!

Bon Accord: bandcamp| last.fm| myspace| JUKBOXR|

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